Study: Better school grades through sport

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Does regular exercise lead to better school performance?

Young people can significantly improve their school performance through regular exercise. This is the result of a recent study by Scottish scientists from the "University of Dundee". According to this, girls in particular could get better grades in natural sciences through frequent exercise.

Exercise promotes physical and mental fitness Those who exercise a lot live healthier and promote not only physical but also mental fitness - which can mean significantly better school grades for young people. As Scottish researchers from Dundee University have now found out in a study, the more teenagers move, the higher the chance of better performance. Girls in particular could also improve their grades in the natural sciences through sport.

Long-term study with 5,000 pupils For their study, the Scottish researchers initially documented for almost 5,000 11-year-old pupils how often and to what extent they moved over a period of three to seven days. Subsequently, the academic achievements in English, mathematics and science that the teenagers aged 11, 13 and 16 years of age had examined. In addition to the degree of physical activity and school grades, it was also determined which mothers smoked during pregnancy and which economic and social milieu the students came from. The researchers also took into account which children had a low birth weight and which had already started puberty.

The earlier the sport, the better the performance. The result was clear: The pupils who were more active than others at the age of 11 also performed better in all subjects tested. This connection had become particularly clear among girls in the natural sciences - a finding that should not be underestimated for the researchers: "This is an important result, especially in the light of the current policy in Great Britain and Europe to promote women in the natural sciences" the study's authors in an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Schools and parents have to create the right conditions. In addition, the researchers were able to show that the start of regular sporting activities obviously has an impact - because the longer the children have been physically active, the better the grades. As simple as the formula "more movement = better grades" seems at first glance, it is not according to the researchers. Instead, politics in particular would have to be active to create the appropriate conditions: “If MVPA (moderate-strong physical activity) has an impact on academic performance, this in turn has an impact on public health and education policy, since schools and parents are very important 'Participation' comes from having to provide meaningful and sustainable measures to increase physical activity among young people, ”according to an article in the Medical News Today. (No)

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