Instead of fat, more carbohydrates in summer

Eat more carbohydrates instead of fat and protein in summer

In summer, ice cream and other cool dishes are very popular with many people. But a supposedly light curd cheese or ice cream often has a high fat and protein content and is therefore more difficult to digest than carbohydrates on hot days, explains Michaela Bänsch from the German University for Prevention and Health Management / BSA Academy in Saarbrücken to the news agency "dpa" . Food such as pasta and potatoes are therefore more suitable.

Carbohydrates are easier to digest in summer than high-fat and protein-rich ice cream or curd cheese dishes. This is pointed out by the expert Michaela Bänsch from the German University for Prevention and Health Management / BSA Academy. Accordingly, dishes with pasta, potatoes or other carbohydrate-rich ingredients are easy to digest in summer.

A lot should also be taken into account with fruits and vegetables. So it is advisable to eat cabbage vegetables only in steamed or blanched form, since it contains raw food substances that stimulate gas production in the intestine during digestion and can lead to bloating. The expert further explains that carbonated drinks and raw peppers are also not ideal in summer. This also applies to certain types of fruit with a high level of acidity such as mirabelles, cherries, peaches and plums. This could cause abdominal pain.

Fruit ice cream is usually lower in calories and better for digestion. According to Bänsch, if you don't want to do without ice cream, you should choose fruit ice cream. This is better for digestion and figure because it contains fewer calories than milk ice. Packaged ice cream with a chocolate glaze contains around 320 calories, while water-based fruit ice cream only contains around 70 calories.

Also in the ice cream parlor it is advisable to avoid cream, chocolate and nuts in the ice in favor of the slim line. If you want to make sure that only healthy and natural ingredients are contained in the ice, you can easily make water-based fruit ice cream yourself. An ice machine is often not even necessary to produce the cool pleasure. High-quality fruit juice without added sugar can serve as the basis for cool refreshment.

Special care should be taken when consuming milk ice in summer due to the risk of salmonella. Among other things, there is an increased risk for the agents of soft ice cream from the machine on the street corner or on the hustle and bustle. Since Salmonella are very resistant, they do not die even in the freezer. (ag)

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