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Wasps: The enemies of the grill party

Naturschutzbund: Wasps can be kept away from the grill party

Wasps are one of the least popular guests at barbecues. However, not all types are dangerous. According to the Nature Conservation Association, of the 450 species of wasp, only two are aggressive and attack people when they feel threatened.

Only the German and the common wasp are responsible for the bad reputation. These two species form the largest peoples and are aggressive towards humans and are devouring human food. This is always the case in late summer, when the nests dissolve and the still living workers go looking for food.

If there is a nest on your property, you can have it relocated by a competent person before the start of the nest building phase from April to mid-August. After that, the nests are too big and the resettlement no longer makes sense. In this case, the nest can be removed in autumn after the wasp colony has perished. Only the fertilized young queen survives in her hiding place in the frozen winter when the wasp population dies in autumn.

We have put together a few tips for you on how to keep the small animals off your neck. Just like bees, bumblebees and ants, wasps are hymenopterans. They are smaller in appearance than bees and known by zoologists as pest eaters. Up to 12,000 animals live in a nest and feed their queen and larvae. Meat (grilled meat) is particularly popular with animals because of its proteins.

Wasps mainly feed on aphids and smaller beetles: Without them, these tiny creatures would bare their domestic deciduous trees in summer. A widespread misconception is that wasps prefer to eat sweets: the wasps raise their offspring with the proteins from meat.

What attracts wasps in the garden It is generally sweet smells that attract wasps, so aphids should be fought early because their excretions give off a sweet note. Fruits should also be harvested in good time because their sweet excretions attract wasps. Fruit must be harvested in good time and fallen down must be removed quickly.

Human breath can make you aggressive
As soon as wasps feel threatened, they sting. This can happen if you blow the animals away from your arm, explains the Nature Conservation Association (NABU). They register the carbon dioxide in the breath and perceive it as an alarm signal. Fast movements also irritate the animals. But you can avoid wasps getting too close to you at all.

How can you drive away wasps? In an experiment for “Jugend forscht”, two schoolchildren found out that overripe grapes, five to ten meters away, attracted little animals. If wasps find a better source of food nearby, they are no longer interested in what is happening on the terrace. Place a container of sugar water and vinegar in a remote place, this will lure the wasps away.

Protect the confectionery and meat products if they are covered outdoors. Wipe mouth and hands after eating, especially those of children.

Right clothes
Colorful clothes attract wasps. They also fly on the smell of creams, perfumes and the polish for wooden furniture. So these should be avoided.

Are wasps nocturnal? Hornets, a species of wasp, are also nocturnal. Light sources should be avoided at night: party lights, lamps and illuminated windows then magically attract them.

How can you protect the apartment or house? Fly screens and nets at the entrances to the house keep wasps and other insects away.

What to do if you get stung
In the case of a stitch, alarm pheromones are released, which attract other animals and encourage them to stitch. The poison causes an allergic reaction in some people.

- Cool the affected area for one to two hours with ice cubes, a cooling pad or a cold, wet cloth

- Make sure you have been stung by a wasp, not a bee. In the case of bee stings, the sting usually gets stuck in the skin and must be removed

- Never scratch to avoid infection of the sting. As long as the sting is fresh, it should be disinfected. Skin disinfectants are available in drug stores or pharmacies. Tea tree oil or Citronella also helps

- Apply an ointment or cooling gel with an antihistamine. This relieves the itching and stops the swelling

- So-called "poison pumps" or "suction stamps" are available in pharmacies. They are easy to use and suck the insect venom directly out of the wound. When applied quickly, they prevent the poison from spreading throughout the body

-Help from the medicine cabinet: Rub the wasp sting with a freshly cut onion - the juice of the onion has an anti-inflammatory and disinfected effect. (fr)

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