Recall: Salmonella in Ahornhof sausage

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Ahornhof-Vertriebsgesellschaft calls back "Delikatess Ham-Onion-Mettwurst"

Be careful when eating ham and onion sausage: the Ahornhof sales company partially calls back its "Delicacy ham and onion sausage 2 x 100g (200g)", specifically the products with the best before date July 14, 2013 and the batch number L222595 .

Products may be contaminated with salmonella The reason for the recall: According to the company, routine checks have shown "possible microbial contamination with salmonella", so eating the affected sausage is not advised guidance, affected consumers are also asked to contact the company's service phone (01 52/22 70 11 72).

Serious gastrointestinal diseases caused by Salmonella However, consumers who have already bought the affected sausage should not consume it because Salmonella can cause severe gastrointestinal diseases. Anyone who has already eaten the sausage should definitely see a doctor when the first symptoms of a Salmonella infection (including Salmonellosis) and in case of doubt. For example, most people experience abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, fever and diarrhea at the beginning of salmonellosis, while vomiting diarrhea can also quickly lead to dehydration (drying out) of the organism as a result of the loss of fluid and salt , which is often associated with other health consequences. Therefore, fast medical treatment is essential for a Salmonella infection - otherwise there may be serious circulatory problems, seizures or even kidney failure, and Salmonellosis can also trigger the infectious disease typhoid. (No)

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