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Health insurance companies require strict controls for medical innovations

German health insurers are demanding that new treatment methods be subjected to thorough checks in the future before they are approved for widespread use.

Benefits relevant to patients In view of the risks for patients, all new treatment methods should be thoroughly checked in the future before they are used widely. This is what the German health insurance companies are demanding in a current position paper, which states: "In the future, medical innovations will have to demonstrate the patient-relevant benefits before they are introduced nationwide."

New therapies repeatedly raise doubts If the benefits and harms of new examination and treatment methods are not well known, they should initially only be used in clinical studies. The reason for the demand was that new therapies would always raise doubts, although they are already being used many times. In the recent past, this affected certain joint prostheses, heart valve prostheses or balloon catheters.

New medicinal products are being tested New medicinal products are already being tested for their added value, which in part causes considerable displeasure in the industry. The pharmaceutical market reorganization law (AMNOG) has created pressure for pharmaceutical manufacturers to prove that a newly approved drug is better than those that were previously on the market. Such added value is often not provable. With new diagnostics and new therapies, the health insurers now generally demand a consistent assessment of the benefits, also in relation to the costs. The insurance companies also demand that patients, as well as health insurers and doctors, should be able to read far more information about the quality in medical practices and clinics - both about successes and shortcomings. (ad)

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