Spring cleaning replaces fitness training

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Spring cleaning can keep you fit and healthy

Spring is here and many are now tackling spring cleaning. Some consider thorough cleaning to be a "painful subject". But if you can bring yourself to do this, you can also rethink. Because the big spring cleaning is also an ideal sports program! The intense movement affects numerous muscle groups and the calories tumble every minute.

For many people, spring cleaning is a "painful subject that has to be done". So if you have a hard time with it, you can rethink quickly with simple tricks. Anyone who sees cleaning up as a sport can also develop more joy for it. Because cleaning can be used well as endurance training. An average adult body consumes around 600 kilocalories for vacuuming, cleaning windows, wiping the floor and cleaning the bathroom, as Alexandra Borchard-Becker from the Berlin Consumer Initiative said. This would also consume an adult with a body weight of about 70 kilograms for an hour of jogging, cycling or active swimming. It is best to stretch and stretch during spring cleaning. Then you do “even more for fitness.

Avoid conventional cleaners
Even if not everything is cleaned in the apartment at once, it benefits from the movement. According to the consumer initiative, the body loses about 200 calories after just half an hour of vacuuming and another 15 minutes of wiping. One hour of window cleaning consumes about 320 calories. If you thoroughly clean the tiles for about 15 minutes, you only use 75 calories, but tile scrubbing offers a good workout for the muscles because the arms are moved evenly with a lot of effort if they are changed regularly. If chemical cleaners are dispensed with, not only is the environment protected, but the cleaning process in terms of training is also somewhat more difficult. Instead, natural vinegar cleaners or citric acid are also suitable for calcareous stains on the tiles. (sb)

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