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Parents should pay special attention to the main ingredients in the baby food

At the earliest from the fifth month of life, at the latest at the beginning of the seventh month of life, children should gradually be accustomed to complementary foods, according to the Healthy Network. Many parents - especially with their first child - are not sure which porridge is suitable as complementary food and which ingredients should be included. There is also the question of whether self-cooked porridge or ready-made baby porridge from the supermarket meets the needs of the child.

According to information from the Healthy Living network, parents should pay particular attention to the main ingredients when choosing complementary foods. A “porridge schedule” is recommended, according to which vegetables, potatoes and meat porridge should be started, followed by milk and cereal porridge around one month later and cereal and fruit porridge another month later. When buying ready-made porridge, parents should make sure that the desired ingredients such as vegetables, potatoes or meat are at the top of the ingredient list and otherwise as few other ingredients are listed as possible, explained the pediatrician in the Healthy Living Network, Prof. Hildegard Przyrembel, to the news agency "dpa". In this way, parents make the right choice, Prof. Przyrembel continues.

Only one new ingredient per week as complementary food The selection of the right ingredients also plays a special role in self-cooked baby porridge, but here too, according to the expert, calmness is the order of the day. "When preparing baby porridge, the quantities given should be correct, but the ingredients do not always have to be weighed exactly to the gram," says Prof. Przyrembel. The amount of porridge actually eaten varies from child to child. According to the information from the Healthy in Life network, the introduction of complementary foods should in no way be rushed. The initiative, funded by the Federal Ministry of Food, initially recommends offering only one new ingredient every week.

Baby porridge ingredients may vary Parents should observe “how your baby tolerates the new food and how it reacts to the food with the spoon,” advises the network on its website. If everything goes as normal when eating the porridge with several ingredients, the baby could then be offered a new variation every three or four days, for example with a different type of vegetable. In principle, according to the experts, both self-prepared and purchased complementary foods are suitable for supplying babies with all the important nutrients, but from the point of view of developing the taste of the child, at least occasionally, a self-cooked baby porridge is recommended. (fp)

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