US states vote for cannabis legalization

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The U.S. states of Washington and Colorado vote for full cannabis legalization

Washington and Colorado citizens decided yesterday to fully legalize cannabis. Unlike many German media reports, it is not just about decriminalizing occasional consumption. In the USA, of all places, marijuana is regulated, controlled and taxed for the first time, similar to alcohol. The Hanfverband e.V. also expects "an intensified discussion about the expensive and senseless ban on hemp in Germany".

Strict rules apply to the implementation of the initiatives in the US voting law. The German Hemp Association and US organizations such as NORML or the Drug Policy Alliance expect the proposals to be implemented quickly and speak of a historic event. This will be the first time worldwide cannabis specialty stores for adults, although this could still lead to some conflicts with the U.S. federal level, as is the case with cannabis pharmacies in California.

There will be less resistance under Obama than under Romney. Two years ago, the Obama administration mobilized against a similar vote in California, but was reluctant this time. This is probably also because 59 percent of all Americans are now in favor of the full legalization of cannabis - and Obama was known to have been an enthusiastic marijuana fan in earlier years.

"History is being written today, this is an important milestone in the international debate about the sensible regulation of the cannabis market," said Georg Wurth of the German Hemp Association (DHV).

The DHV also expects a fresh breeze in the debate for Germany. The fact that the topic came in second at Merkel's Future Dialogue shows that there is a great need for discussion here in Germany too. The topic will be back on the agenda in the Bundestag on November 29, when the left's proposal to introduce cannabis growing clubs is on the agenda. The Greens have once again launched an application for decriminalization. Wurth does not expect any further progress in this legislative period, "but politics will no longer be able to get rid of the issue, we will stay tuned." (pm)

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