Hamburg launches campaign against breast cancer

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"Hamburg will be pink" - Binnenalster will shine in the international signal color for breast cancer next week

Every year around 72,000 women in Germany develop breast cancer. The earlier a tumor is diagnosed, the higher the chances of recovery. In order to draw attention to the better chances of curing breast cancer through early detection, Hamburg is starting the four-day campaign "Hamburg will be pink" from Monday evening. The Alsterhaus, Hapag-Lloyd building and Alster fountain are illuminated in the bright color that is the international signal color for breast cancer.

Campaign in Hamburg to draw attention to early detection of breast cancer Germany has the sad leading position in terms of the death rate of breast cancer in a European comparison. With a share of 32 percent, the tumor disease is one of the most common new forms of cancer in women. Statistically speaking, every eighth woman is affected by a breast tumor in the course of her life. The earlier breast cancer is discovered, the higher the chances of recovery. Since 2005, mammography for early detection has been introduced as a screening test in Germany. Women between the ages of 50 and 69 are entitled to the free early detection procedure every two years. With mammography, small, imperceptible changes in the breast can be made visible.

In order to draw attention to the early detection of breast cancer, a four-day campaign will start in Hamburg on Monday. The Alster Fountain, the Hapag-Lloyd Building and the Alster House should shine in pink in the evening under the motto "Hamburg will be pink". (ag)

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