Left calls for abolition of private health insurance

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Left: Bill to abolish private health insurance

The party "Die Linke" applied today in the Bundestag for the abolition of private health insurance (PKV). Instead of private full insurance, there should be “solidary citizens insurance” for all people in Germany. The left does not want to completely abolish the private health insurance industry. The private health insurance should continue to exist for supplementary insurance.

Private health insurance in Germany has been under constant fire for a few months. In an application to the Bundestag, the Left Group is calling for the abolition of private health insurance as full insurance. Instead, the companies should limit themselves to supplementary insurance policies for which there is “no relevant medical benefit”, as the left-wing group's application stated.

In a "socially responsible transition", the employees of the PKV should be given jobs by the statutory health insurance companies. That left countless brokers who would then have to limit themselves to insurance business outside of private health insurance.

According to the Left Party, the health insurance system in Germany must be fundamentally reformed. In order to ensure adequate health care for people in the future as well, solidary health insurance is an adequate model that "should be valued higher than the rights of insurance companies." The introduction of citizens' insurance "justifies the abolition of private health insurance as full insurance." The reform According to the proposals of the left, it should not take place gradually but in a "single act and at the same time for everyone".

According to the left-wing politicians, a step-by-step model, as favored by the SPD and the Greens, is not necessary, since privately insured persons can top up all benefits that go beyond the statutory benefits catalog of the health insurers with supplementary insurance.

"In no way do we want to harm the insured of the private funds," said a spokesman for the party. After all, the application is not just about saving health insurance in Germany, but also protecting private insured persons from excessive costs. Due to the partly massive increase in the premium for the tariffs, in many cases privately insured persons can no longer afford the policies. Individual entrepreneurs with a low income and older private insured are particularly affected.

80 percent of the private tariffs offer less than the SHI
The PKV insured today would not have to do without benefits. According to the left, 80 percent of the tariffs would offer less anyway than the statutory health insurance companies. This is by no means made up, because the Left refers to an independent joint study by the Kiel Institute for Microdata Analysis (IfMDA) and the Frankfurt consultancy PremiumCircle Deutschland GmbH. This had revealed that it was not uncommon for the collective agreements to include numerous benefits excluded from illness.

The left's proposal will be discussed in the Bundestag after the parliamentary summer break in autumn. Union and FDP oppose a merger. The application could meet with approval from the SPD and Greens ranks. For some time now, they too have been calling for "solidary citizens' insurance", but not immediately, but in a time-consuming manner. The unions and health insurance companies are also demanding citizens' insurance. In their opinion, the step was essential to keep health insurance in Germany affordable. (sb)

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