Health insurance reimburses osteopathy treatment

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Health insurance SBK reimburses osteopathy

In recent years, osteopathy has increasingly established itself as a useful addition to conventional medicine. Manual diagnostics and therapy break down blockages in the body and activate the patient's self-healing powers. Good results have been reported, particularly for headaches, dizziness and back pain. Since April 1, 2012, the statutory health insurance company SBK has reimbursed up to six osteopathic treatments per year with up to 30 euros per session.

Pushing, pulling, kneading - whoever goes into the hands of an osteopath is literally worked with them. Because in osteopathy, both diagnosis and therapy are carried out exclusively manually. There are no devices, syringes or medication. It is by no means a substitute for drug or surgical treatments, but rather a useful addition. The aim is to activate the patient's self-healing powers and to alleviate complaints.

Osteopathy is based on a holistic understanding of the body. All parts of the body - including the internal organs - are coordinated. The smooth interaction and the mobility of the parts is the basis for our health. In the event of a disease, the mobility of one or more parts can be restricted. The osteopath tries to detect and remove blockages. The body's own defense system is to be activated and the self-healing process started by means of various techniques that primarily improve blood circulation.

By manually releasing blockages, osteopathy activates the self-healing powers
Osteopathy is mainly used to treat chronic pain. Before the actual treatment, the osteopath conducts a detailed anamnesis consultation in which the chronological development of the current complaints is tracked. Physical and mental trauma are also of great importance, they can possibly be the origin of the later complaints, even if they occur elsewhere. After the interview, the osteopath examines the entire body for blockages that should then be released. In most cases, only about three treatments are needed to be successful.

Osteopathy is considered a gentle method of treatment that can even be used on infants. In some cases, however, their use is not sensible or even contraindicated. Therefore, osteopathic treatment should always be arranged by a doctor. The term “osteopath” is not protected in Germany. In order to ensure that you receive high-quality treatment, the treating osteopath should be a member of a professional association of osteopaths or have undergone an equivalent osteopathic training. A list of associations whose members have the required qualifications.

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