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Yoga Vidya is holding the Business Yoga Congress in Horn-Bad Meinberg for the second time

The second Business Yoga Congress will take place in Horn-Bad Meinberg from June 1st. This is organized by Yoga Vidya e.V. in cooperation with Yogabiz this time under the motto "Business meets Yoga: Work and health in transition - impulses for the future".

Under the patronage of the former Director General of the European Central Bank, Dr. Gerald Grisse, the second Business Yoga Congress takes place again in the former park clinic in Horn-Bad Meinberg. It shows how business yoga can improve the health and well-being of employees, and how it can make a contribution. Each of the three congress days begins with different topic-specific yoga exercises and then follows a specific motto.

Business meets yoga: changing work and health - impulses for the future The focus of the first day of the congress is "New Economy, New Work". This should give impulses for future entrepreneurial activity. Under the title “Empowerment in work and health” the second day is about self-management, mindful communication and the longing for work-life balance. The third and last day of the congress is dedicated to the topic "New old values": "Spiritual techniques in business" and "Operational decisions from a yogic point of view" include the event content.

The three-day workshop offers almost 80 plenary lectures, workshops and practical lessons. Well-known experts and book authors such as Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke, Dr. Ellis Huber, Erik Handel and many others. The complete congress program is available for download as a PDF.

Employee health will become more and more important in the future. Many companies can only assert themselves in their branch through additional creativity, teamwork and cooperation. The main consequence of the employees in this condensed daily work with pressure to succeed and time is a lack of stress compensation. The health of employees and managers is becoming increasingly important. Entrepreneurs and managers in particular are therefore cordially invited to the second Business Yoga Congress.

During the congress, yoga teachers learn how they can reach and support people in their everyday work more effectively with their yoga classes. Teachers also learn how to adapt their lessons to specific tasks.

Further information about the Business Yoga Congress in Horn-Bad Meinberg can be found on the website or by phone on 05234 87-0. (pm)

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