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After the bankruptcy of the BKK for health professions, the company health insurance companies poisoned against the AOK

The second statutory health insurance company is broke and must cease operations at the end of the year. After the City BKK was closed on July 1st, the Federal Insurance Office (BVA) recently announced the closure of the long-suffering BKK for health care professionals.

Because of significant economic problems and a significant decline in the number of members, the BKK for health professionals must be closed at the end of the year, according to the BVA. More than a hundred thousand insured persons will therefore need new health insurance from the beginning of next year. A scenario like the takeover of the City BKK insured should not be repeated here, emphasized not only the BVA but also the Federal Minister of Health, Daniel Bahr (FDP). The chairman of the executive board of the AOK federal association, Jürgen Graalmann, commented slightly ironically in this regard that he was grateful that "there is now a competition to warmly welcome those insured by the BKK for health care professions." Those responsible for the BKK system outrage however, because of a different statement by the AOK boss. Graalmann had criticized that, in his view, the utility funds, like the AOK, had to "clean up" the errors in the BKK system.

BKK for health professions closes at the end of the year Nobody wanted to be put up with the accusation of the AOK boss at the company health insurance companies and so Raimund Nossek, vice-board member of the BKK Landesverband Mitte, poisoned Graalmanns that a health insurance company was trying to profile itself here City BKK insured people "were the first to open the door when looking for health insurance." The accusations made by the AOK chief are completely unjustified for those responsible for the company health insurers, since the BKK system bears all costs for the closure of the BKK for medical professions. The other company health insurance funds are charged with follow-up costs of 53 million euros, but the AOK does not have to make a financial contribution, but simply does not refuse to accept the insured. Attempts to fend off, as experienced by the former City BKK insured in search of a new health insurance policy, must not be repeated among the BKK insured for health care professions, including the demand from the Federal Insurance Office and from the ranks of politics.

In the direction of the insured of the BKK for health care professions, those responsible for the company health insurance companies stated that they do not have to worry about their medical care, as all services rendered up to the closing date are also covered by the health insurance company. From January 1, 2012, doctors and clinics will no longer be able to accept the BKK health care insurance card. So it is excluded that the insured may stay on treatment costs. In general, the reimbursement of a service is borne by the health insurance with which a patient is insured at the time the service or treatment is provided. (fp)

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