Active movement helps with rheumatism and arthritis

Avoid careful posture with rheumatism and arthritis

Patients suffering from rheumatism automatically put themselves into a gentle physical posture to avoid pain. A immobilization of the affected body regions is the wrong recovery strategy, as reported by the Deutsche Rheuma-Liga e.V. The initiative launches the "Active against rheumatism pain" campaign on the occasion of World Rheumatism Day.

Gentle posture increases movement restrictions and pain
In order to avoid emerging pain, most rheumatism patients put themselves into a gentle physical posture. However, the careful posture leads to an intensification of the symptoms and increasingly limits the mobility of the joints. In the longer term, pain is significantly increased. "We want to get rheumatism patients out of the protective posture and encourage them to become active despite pain," said the chair of the German Rheumatism League (DRL), Professor Erika Gromnica-Ihle, in a press release by the association.

In practice, positive effects could be achieved through muscle building training. Movement without too much stress can be helpful in order to improve the symptoms in joint diseases such as arthritis or arthrosis. The training can achieve beneficial effects even in patients of advanced age. According to the experts, this applies in particular to osteoporosis and spinal disorders. For those suffering from fibromyalgia, special exercise therapy is an important pillar of therapy, as the current guidelines confirm. "Through targeted strength and coordination training, supported by endurance training, the resilience of the muscle and skeletal system as well as the cardiovascular system can be maintained or increased with the help of MTT. As an active form of therapy, it serves to safeguard and improve the success of rehabilitation, so that those affected can better meet the requirements of professional and everyday life and can actively participate in all areas of life again, ”explains Monika Schäfer, graduate sports teacher of the Rheumatism League Lower Saxony.

Active against rheumatism pain
The DRL is launching the "Active Against Rheumatism Pain" campaign today. "With our actions, we also want to raise public awareness of the topic of 'rheumatism' because the disease can affect everyone," says Prof. Erika Gromnica-Ihle, president of the self-help community, which has over 260,000 members. The campaigns are supported by a number of relevant organizations, including the medical associations of orthopedists and trauma surgeons, as well as rheumatologists. In the course of the campaigns, there will be numerous new brochures, events and information materials.

After all, according to statistical projections, one in four Germans will sooner or later be affected by restrictions and pain in the musculoskeletal system. Up to 7 million German citizens already suffer from arthrosis, especially in the hip and knee area. "Pain and fatigue are urgent ailments in inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, collagenosis or vasculitis". In addition there are tens of millions of people suffering from chronic back pain, low back pain or fibromyalgia. School children are increasingly affected by musculoskeletal disorders. Among other things, this is the result of a society that eats more and more food and at the same time moves less and less.

Tai Chi Beneficial for arthritis
Around 100,000 rheumatism patients now regularly take advantage of the activities offered by the rheumatism leagues in their hometown. These include dance classes, tai chi and yoga. In addition, there are also aquacycling or muscle building training as part of medical training therapy (MTT). Recent studies have found that tai chi has a beneficial effect on arthritis and relieves pain.

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