When the fatigue syndrome makes the body sick

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When fatigue makes the body sick: New treatment opportunities thanks to traditional Chinese medicine

Persistent exhaustion even without special effort - patients with chronic fatigue syndrome often weaken the shower in the morning so much that they only sleep the rest of the day. Weakness attacks often shape the daily routines of those affected, and some also report accompanying symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, sweating or pain in the throat, head and limbs. Instead of starting with individual symptoms, Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to the causes and shows those affected how to improve their quality of life sustainably.

TCM experts see the “middle organ” of the body, the abdomen, as the starting point for permanent exhaustion. “From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the stomach processes food as well as feelings and social challenges. In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, its sorting function is overwhelmed, ”explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald. In order to get to the bottom of further disorders in the body and to find out exactly where the flow of energy is stalling, doctors record even the smallest, often unconscious, signals from patients such as language, posture and facial expressions in extensive discussions. "Combined with the results of Western diagnostics from an EKG or laboratory tests as well as Chinese methods of pulse and tongue diagnostics, individual treatment plans can then be derived," adds Dr. Schmincke. The combination of internal procedures and external therapies specifically influences the harmony disorder in the body of the person concerned and shows them ways for a permanently improved energy flow. Chinese medicine therapy is an important pillar.

Herbs put together individually support the success of the treatment, as patients with chronic fatigue syndrome consume a boiled broth throughout the day. Doctors monitor their effects and adjust the prescription individually during treatment. Acupuncture helps to stimulate the body's own energy pathways. Other external therapies such as Qi Gong and Tunia massages additionally strengthen the organism. In addition, a vegetarian diet supports recovery. The methods of traditional Chinese medicine then automatically lead to a change in the lifestyle of patients, because they impart new perspectives to those affected and show ways to sustainably improve the feeling of exhaustion. According to a current study by the Klinik am Steigerwald, more than 70 percent of patients with fatigue and exhaustion still benefit from inpatient treatment with Chinese medicine two years after they leave the clinic. (pm)

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