Additional contribution to health insurance United-IKK?

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Does the United IKK health insurance plan to set up an additional contribution?

According to media reports, insured persons of the statutory health insurance company United IKK appear to have to make an additional contribution. This report is neither confirmed nor specifically denied by the cash register itself.

Additional contribution to the United IKK
Additional contributions to health insurance companies are extremely unpopular. In the past year it had been shown that such additional contributions frustrate members and encourage them to switch to other health insurers. According to information from the news online portal "Welt Online", insured persons of the financially stricken guild health insurance company "Vereinigte IKK" apparently have to prepare for an additional contribution. The SPD Bundestag politician Klaus Brandner provided the impetus for the presumption. In an interview, Brandner warned that the health insurance company urgently needed financial help. Otherwise, "an additional contribution is inevitable," warned the politician, who is also a member of the board of directors of the United IKK. Health economists had warned some time ago that the United IKK was struggling with a minus of around 50 million euros. Board member Klaus Brandner told the paper that expenditure is currently exceeding current income. In the health fund, regional differences are not taken into account when making allocations. Health care costs vary from region to region. In higher value care structures like in big cities the expenditure is naturally higher.

United IKK denies financial worries
Contrary to this opinion, the health fund corrects reports that report financial hardships. The IKK writes on its side: “The United IKK has so far made no additional contribution, is not indebted and therefore cannot be threatened with closure because it has sufficient liquidity and assets. The United IKK is neither insolvent nor in debt - there is no discussion about a closure. The United IKK is able to act. ”No structural measures such as part-time employment were initiated.

Management committee advises on restructuring measures
The management committee is meeting today to discuss restructuring measures. Because possible financial aid from other guild health insurers might not be sufficient, the introduction of an additional contribution is also being debated. From internal circles it was said that the introduction as such was inevitable, "it is only about the amount of the additional contribution". The other health insurance funds in the network have already promised their financial support. The "IKK classic" limited the support. So it was said that one only wanted to help the stricken cash register if, in addition to austerity measures, an additional contribution was raised. A spokeswoman for the United IKK did not contradict this warning, but told the newspaper that the board of directors will discuss various measures "to ensure competitiveness". A merger of IKK Classic and the United IKK into one of the largest German health insurance companies failed at the beginning of the year. The IKK Classic rejected the merger offer due to the difficult economic situation of the United IKK.

1.7 million insured affected A possible additional contribution would affect around 1.7 million health insured. The Vereinigte IKK is the second largest guild fund in Germany and many times larger than the city BKK, which will soon close. A spokesman for the Federal Insurance Office assured that the United IKK had not reported impending bankruptcy. At the moment, the authority has received notification of impending bankruptcy from two funds. "The named health insurance is not among them," said the spokesman. If a health insurance company charges an additional contribution, insured persons can exercise their special right of termination. After the announcement of the introduction, members have the opportunity to look for another health insurance company without additional contribution. Last year, over 500,000 people exercised their special right to quit. The main reason was the additional contribution. (sb)

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