Radioactive particles reach Europe today

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Federal Environment Agency: Radioactive particles reach Europe during the day

While European and German authorities have repeatedly talked about radioactive particles from the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima in no time reaching Germany or Europe, today's news will unsettle many people. Because measuring stations of the Federal Environment Agency now expect that air currents with radioactive particles actually reach Central Europe. However, the particles did not pose any health risks, as was emphasized. The incoming radioactivity will be "very, very low", as a spokesman for the environmental authority assured.

Radioactive air currents reach Europe
The first contaminated air currents could reach Central Europe in the course of today. Experts and authorities had always said that the distance to the damaged nuclear power plant was too great to speak of a danger to people in Europe, but everything now indicates that events in Japan are expanding into a worldwide problem. The news situation in Japan is sometimes very opaque, the operating company TEPCO and the Japanese authorities only provide filtered and often contradicting information. Many people in Japan already have doubts about the publicly announced news. International authorities and politicians have also repeatedly criticized the insufficient information provided by the Japanese government. The radiation biologist Edmund Lengfelder criticized that the Japanese authorities provide the population with "targeted false information". Lengfelder suspects that people in Japan are not being taught "appropriately" and truthfully. Accordingly, reports from Japan that reach the world must be critically assessed.

Values ​​still stable in Germany
Worldwide, people's fears are increasing that they will now be exposed to radiation. The head of the measuring station of the Federal Environment Agency, Erich Wirth, reported to the television station MDR, in the last days an increased radioactivity was measured in the US state of California and in Iceland. "It is not far from there to Central Europe," said the expert. However, the incoming radioactivity is "very, very low". In Germany, the values ​​are currently still stable. However, he expects a so-called trace analysis to make values ​​ascertainable. According to the available data, there is no risk to health.

USA tighten import regulations
As a result, the food agency in the United States has tightened import regulations. Food from the Japanese prefectures of Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma should only be imported if all food had previously undergone intensive radioactivity testing. The new regulations apply above all to milk, milk products, vegetables and fruit. The Japanese authorities have found that food radiation levels have increased significantly in recent days. Tap water is now also affected by very high values. France has asked the EU to also tighten the import regulations. "Systematic controls of all fresh food" from Japan are necessary. According to the French, an import ban is currently not necessary.

Mass protests expected in Germany
Environmentalists and associations in Germany are calling for "mass protests" on March 26 in Germany. Demonstrations are planned to be carried out in four major cities, as reported by the "Attac" initiative, which is critical of globalization. Last Monday, thousands of people in 700 different locations in Germany demanded an immediate exit from nuclear energy. (sb)

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