Patients' association: Do not rush the checkout

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Patients' association: Do not rush the checkout

The German Society for Insured and Patients (DGVP) warns that insured persons should not rush to switch health insurance funds due to additional contributions. It is more important to compare the health services of the individual health insurance companies.

Patient representatives are currently warning against prematurely changing health insurance funds simply because they charge an additional fee from their members. It is better to compare the individual benefits of the health insurers so that there is no bad awakening later. You save about 100 euros a year if you don't have to pay additional contributions, but "if the worst comes to the worst, you won't get paid for what you want," said Wolfram-Arnim Candidus, President of the DGVP patient association The insured had switched to the individual local health insurance (AOK) due to the additional contributions from the old health insurance company, but many apparently have already complained to the patient association about the AOK. "What we get from the patients is that the AOK rations best." says the head of the association Candidus.

The health reform has allowed health insurance companies to determine the amount of the additional contributions themselves since the beginning of the year. The black-yellow coalition communicates to the outside world that this should promote more competition among the health insurers. After all, a change of health insurance is politically wanted to force health insurance companies to be profitable. That very system criticizes Candidus. The patient representative sees it more as a lie to the population. The federal government would not dare to say that today's healthcare system needs more money. If the health insurance contributions were to be increased in general, this would be "more honest and more transparent." The DGVP expects that from 2012/2012 at the latest all health insurance companies will introduce additional, nationwide contributions. The future lump sums will also be significantly higher than is the case with some health insurance companies, according to the association chairman.

Health insurance companies that currently charge an additional contribution usually charge eight euros per month in addition to the regular contributions. According to an evaluation by the DGB, the additional contributions could soon be in the double-digit range because the allocations from the health fund are no longer sufficient. A special right of termination can be claimed by health insurance patients if the health insurance company either announces an additional contribution or increases an existing one. Within a set period of time, the changer must have looked for a new health insurance after announcement and must terminate in writing with the previous one. Most of the time, those affected do not have much time. As a rule, the change must be made within eight weeks. (sb)

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