Raid on Hamburg doctor: suspected fraud

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House search at a Hamburg doctor: Medical professionals are suspected of having submitted incorrect statements to the health insurance company.

Hamburg. Pregnancy counseling for children over the age of 80? Apparently no problem for a Hamburg doctor who, in the opinion of the public prosecutor's office, should have cheated the statutory health insurers by considerable amounts with curious bills.

The police searched the private apartment and the practice rooms of a Hamburg doctor. The doctor is said to have cheated the health insurance companies over several years with the help of false billing. After months of investigations, the public prosecutor's office initiated a corresponding house search on Wednesday.

800 kilometers for home visits, 22 hours working day According to the public prosecutor, the doctor used a variety of methods to artificially increase his bills with the statutory health insurance companies. For example, the doctor very often billed counseling on contraception. Even with four-year-old girls but also senior women up to 83 years of age, the doctor charged the health insurance companies with comprehensive pregnancy advice, according to reports from "NDR Info". In addition, he indicated an average of almost 100 treatments per day during home visits, which requires the doctor to work normally for around 22 hours. In individual cases, the doctor said that he had traveled a distance of more than 800 kilometers for home visits and charged around 50 home visits to various locations on the corresponding days.

Billing fraud causes billions of dollars of damage On other days, the medical doctor covered more than 450 kilometers according to the bill and carried out over 80 examinations at 20 different addresses. The Hamburg doctor stated in the accounts that he had often treated all family members of a household during his home visits. So far, it has not been clarified whether the patients made common cause with the doctor. The Hamburg public prosecutor's office has not yet commented on the exact amount of the damage. According to "NDR Info", several statutory health insurance companies such as Techniker Krankenkasse, AOK Rheinland / Hamburg and DAK are affected by the possible fraud. According to the statutory health insurance, abuse and bill fraud in the healthcare system cause billions of dollars in damage each year. In the coming weeks, the public prosecutor will review the seized documents and, if necessary, summarize them in a corresponding indictment. (fp, 11.11.2010)

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