DAK health insurance company concludes new discount contracts

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DAK signs new discount contracts: cost savings in the millions

As of January 1, 2011, the DAK is concluding new discount contracts for important active pharmaceutical ingredients, including antibiotics and preparations for the treatment of high blood pressure and asthma. "With the new contracts, we are saving costs in the double-digit million range," says Jörg Bodanowitz, press spokesman at DAK. "We can flow this directly back into the medical care of our customers."

Quality of medication remains high For DAK insureds, hardly anything changes: All customers receive high-quality medication that meets all quality requirements. "Our aim is to ensure the best supply for our customers," says Bodanowitz. "That is why the pharmacist can choose between three drugs from different manufacturers for each active ingredient in prescriptions for DAK insured." This means that the insured hardly have to adjust to new drugs. And if it does, the quality and effectiveness of the new drug is identical to the previous one.

Highest expenditure on pharmaceuticals In 2009, pharmaceuticals were the second largest expenditure item of the DAK with 3.1 billion euros. "In order to reduce costs in this area, the DAK concludes contracts with different pharmaceutical companies," explains Bodanowitz. "This allows us to negotiate substantial discounts for many active ingredients." The new contracts have a sales volume of 125 million euros. In total, discount contracts were concluded with around 46 manufacturers for a term of two years. Some of the contracts also apply to the DAK cooperation partner HEK. (PM, DAK, 10/21/2010)

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