Luxury water VOSS is tap water?

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Luxury water VOSS is tap water?

Drinking water is healthy and revitalizes the body and mind. But do they always have to be expensive types of water? There are now so-called water experts who swear by the purity of the water and sometimes like to spend a few euros more on it.

A particularly expensive water brand is "Voss". Superstars like Madonna swear by the taste and no longer drink any other water. The water is said to come from a Norwegian glacier and should therefore be something special. In some promotions on websites, for example, you can read: "The water VOSS comes from glaciers in southern Norway and is considered the purest water in the world."

The Norwegian television broadcaster “TV2” has documented in a report that the drink comes from the municipal waterworks in Iveland. Iveland residents can easily drink the same water from tap as tap water. The company has already confirmed this, but it is emphasized that the water still meets the promised criteria. A liter of VOSS costs an average of 4 euros. (sb, 10/02/2010)

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