Practice fee in future included in the Hartz IV rate

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The practice fees for doctors will in future be included in the Hartz IV standard rate.

(09/20/2010) The requirements such as practice fees or internet costs should in future be included in the Hartz IV standard rate. The Federal Ministry of Labor announced today. But the exact numbers and the amount of the future unemployment benefit II rate will not be announced until September 27th. Since there are signs that other calculation bases such as alcohol and cigarettes are not included in the standard rate, it may well be that the standard benefits are not higher than expected.

According to the current SGB II regulations, Hartz IV recipients are generally not exempt from the practice fees. Every quarter, recipients of ALG II benefits, like all other statutory health insurers, have to pay a practice fee of 10 euros per quarter. The doctor's fees are only exempted if one has exceeded two percent of the annual income for additional payments to the doctor or pharmacist. This corresponds to an amount of 83.28 euros. However, this must be accompanied by receipts. Then you get a fee exemption card. (sb)

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