Vuvuzela can trigger cysts on the thyroid gland

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Vuvuzela can damage hearing and trigger cysts on the thyroid gland.

(07.07.2010) During the World Cup, so-called Vuvuzela are used by many fans. But be careful: the wind instruments can cause lasting damage to health. Because blowing creates a high pressure in the chest and can lead to blood-filled blisters (cyst on the thyroid gland).

You can hear it everywhere, especially when a goal is scored. The African wind instrument Vuvuzela is also extremely popular in Germany. But be careful, vuvuzelas can endanger your health. Vuvuzelas develop a volume of up to 160 decibels. Vuvuzela are sometimes louder than chainsaws and can therefore cause lasting damage to the hearing organs. The result can be lifelong tinitus for those affected. A single fanfare burst is enough to cause hearing damage or ringing in the ears, as hearing acoustics professor Eckhard Hoffmann recently explained.

But not only the ears can be damaged. Doctor Kerstin Jungheim from the Endocrinology Center in Frankfurt am Main is currently warning that vigorous blowing into a vuvuzela can also cause cysts on the thyroid gland. The high pressure in the chest area can lead to blood-filled blisters. A patient reported to the doctor who complained of painful swelling of the neck and discomfort when swallowing after using the instrument. Dr. Jungheim then diagnosed a thyroid cyst. The cyst could be emptied with a needle. But the doctor pointed out that, under other circumstances, surgery on the thyroid gland could also be an option. (sb)

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