Addiction: More and more women seek treatment

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Apparently more and more women are being treated therapeutically against addictions.

(14.06.2010) According to the addiction specialist Dr. Michael Köhnke, more and more women are receiving treatment for addictions. Könke is the chief physician at the Rostock Friedrich Petersen Clinic. The doctor sees a connection between the educational and counseling work of recent years. As a result of the educational work, those affected would deal more openly with their problem and seek therapeutic treatment, explained the Dr. Köhnke opposite the news agency "dpa". Overall, this would be a positive development if more and more people were to seek treatment for their addiction.

So far, the proportion of women in the therapies has been around 10 percent. For a long time, according to the Rostock doctor, the proportion of treatments has risen to 25 percent. Most female patients are affected by alcohol addiction and drug addiction. The doctor gave a lecture during the 17th Rostock Week of Action against the Dangers of Addiction. In the course of the event week, events, discussions, and information and awareness campaigns will take place
for the responsible use of addictive substances are offered. In the medical world, the term "addiction syndrome" is used instead of the word "addiction". (sb)

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