Is 3D television dangerous for health?

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Electronics manufacturer Samsung: warning of own 3D TV sets?

(2010-04-28) Hardly many people have enjoyed the great 3D format, and there could be first indications of health problems. The Korean consumer electronics company "Samsung" is currently warning on its Australian website of its own 3D TV sets. 3D television can lead to visual disturbances, muscle twitching, cramps and nausea in people in "poor physical condition". People who have drunk too much alcohol or slept too little should also avoid 3D television. But are the warnings pure precautionary measures to protect yourself legally from all eventualities?
It has not yet been possible to provide concrete results as to whether 3D is actually hazardous to health. There are no long-term scientific studies on this. At the moment there are only reports that some people get nauseous when they watch films in 3D. Others complain of mild eye pain after watching a 3D movie for a long time. Most people do not complain about any health problems. (sm)

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