Ecotest: Cancer pathogen in baby food

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Ecotest: Cancer pathogen in baby food

The critical consumer magazine "Öko-Test" tested the safety of the packaging and the pollution caused by pollutants in seven products from three suppliers with ready-made baby food. The testers found the carcinogenic substances benzene and furan and awarded the marks "insufficient" to "deficient" to over half of the products.

The substances furan and benzene are probably caused by the high and long heating to preserve a baby porridge. Benzene is known as a component of gasoline, as a pollutant in the air and as a raw material for a number of chemicals. Furan is used as a resin as a molding material in mold boxes and occurs naturally as a pheromone. It arises from the treatment of moths under heat and has been tested in animal experiments to cause cancer.

The traces or even partially increased values ​​led to more than half of the products tested receiving the grade "insufficient" to "poor". In addition, the eco-testers stated that the manufacturers Hipp and Bebivita answered "spongy" to questions about the sterilization of their products. In addition, all suppliers with meat in the products save.

But there were also positive things to report: The commissioned laboratories found no evidence of pesticides or other questionable germs. Nitrate levels were very low and there were no plasticizers or other dangerous substances in the packaging of the products. However, Öko-Test points out that critics are generally skeptical about plastic packaging and prefer glass packaging. In the case of plastic, something could come off and mix with the food.

With babies in particular, it is important that in order to build up an immune system and important functional systems in the body, which they need for a lifetime, they are given as unencumbered food as possible.

Naturopathy has long advocated using untreated and fresh food
Naturopathy has long advocated using organic, fresh food. A balanced kitchen, in which a lot is self-made, offers a good framework from the point of view of naturopathy to lay the foundation for the formation of an organism capable of compensation. (Thorsten Fischer, non-medical practitioner osteopathy, 28.02.2010)

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